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About Us

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About Us

SoBella Wear is a new activewear clothing line dedicated for girls who are passionate about dance; yoga; spinning; gymnastics; pilates; working out and much more. We are locally designed and manufactured in Miami, Florida, USA. Our goal is to become the #1 activewear line in the market by creating the most unique, innovative and comfortable dance and activewear apparel in today’s market.

Although our original target audience was to be designed for dancers, SoBella Wear has received a lot of compliments from girls that are active in all sorts of sports or activities because of the way they feel and the way they look with our beautiful designs and our tailor made superior fits.

SoBella Wear will continue to create beautiful designs, styles & fits for girls of all ages who are passionate about feeling and looking their very best. Our dedicated designers along with Isabela’s & Sofia’s ideas are committed to delivering only the very best quality of products and the best designs making sure that we are keeping up with the demand of today’s dancers, athletes and fitness girls from all over the market.

Our History

SoBella Wear is a dream come true creation of Isabella & Sofia Viteri, these 2 young professional, dedicated dancers simply love the art and fashion of the industry and it is why they have been inspired to finally roll out a dance – active wear line made for all. Our designs, colors, patterns and fittings are guaranteed to make you feel great and stand out from the rest. Our designs have received many compliments from both dancers and dance professional critics. In the next few weeks, we will be rolling out many new products , designs and styles, guaranteed to be different than the rest. Our materials are only of the best quality and craftsmanship made to last. Our short term vision is to make our presence felt in the marketplace with a line unlike any other , but with the long term vision to become the #1 choice for girls who simply love to dance, compete and stay active.